Thursday, June 7, 2007

Getting ready for Kenya Part 1

If any of you are afraid of needles, don't go to Africa! I just came back from the traveler's clinic where the nurse (a good looking one though!) actually put five holes in my body for different kinds of vaccines. On top of that she told me about several kinds of new diseases caused by different kinds of bacterias from which I could easily get infected during my trip.

So other than the pile of documents I have to read through and the 255 Canadian dollars I had to spent, not to mention the next trip to the clinic for more vaccination costing me over 300 bucks and all the goodies she recommended I buy to stay safe over there...well it's all well!!!

Joking aside, it is really important to be directed to the right place and to be well informed before leaving for a foreign country. I was lucky enough to have been well instructed regarding vaccination.

Next on the "To Do" list is my Tourist Visa, Kenyan Schillings, US Money, Travel insurances, Photo insurances...oh did I mention I didn't have a plane ticket yet?!!!