Friday, July 13, 2007

Africa Trip-Day 1: Friday the 13th...!

Yeah I really am leaving today, Friday the Thirteen! Ah well so much for superstition or bad luck...or maybe it was why this flight wasn't overbooked?!

As you can see I lost some weight, well it's a matter of onces really but still I managed to do it effortlessly like in the infomercials on TV! Too bad I can't use the clipper for the other 60 pounds I have to loose... ah well isn't there a lot of Kenyan marathon runners? Maybe I can hang out with them?!

Sorry for the bad jokes, I think it's a mixed of the late night and all the anxiousness building up. So as I'm writing this at 1 o'clock in the morning of Friday I have done much of the errands I needed to do and I'm almost ready to go. Only a couple of last minute things and I'm done.

My friend Olivier (yes Oli, you are my friend now!!!) is going to drop me off at the Airport for about 3-4pm. My flight is scheduled for 6h40pm arriving in Amsterdam via KLM Royal Dutch 6hours and 40minutes later at 7h20am, local time. Still following? Good! Then a 3 hour layover taking me to 10h15am, time at which my other flight, with the same carrier, leaves for Nairobi, Kenya. Arrival time 7 hours and 55 minutes later is 7h10pm local time on Saturday night.

Then it gets tricky, if you are still following me!!! I am to meet Abdul who's as much a stranger to me as he is to you. He's going to take me to a hotel in the city where I will spend the night for 1200 Kenyan Shillings (rougly 20$ CAD). This will probably be the time at witch I will be able to tell you if I made it according to plan. Next morning I meet Abdul to give him 1700 KS for a ride to the Mololine, a Kenyan transport group, which will take me to Nakuru for 350 KS.

So if you followed the whole path we will then be supposed to be Sunday and I should get to Nakuru for lunch time. The bets are on...who can guess my arrival time in Nakuru? Faites vos jeux, rien ne va plus!!!


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martin l said...

yo .. i hope that you had a great ride over the sea. so the kisg Phil is now in Africa. Good for you Phill. Take care and we will be waiting for you with some good cake. see ya