Sunday, August 19, 2007

Africa Day 6: The Faces

I had been to the Maternity Ward's site many times now and I was starting to get accustomed to the workers and it seems as though they were getting used to seeing me also. Now the camera was something normal to them and they were not paying as much attention to it than when they first met me. A photographer wrote that "...if you point a camera at somebody long enough, they forget about it and become themselves again".

So on that day felt comfortable asking for a favor. I went to see the foreman Waweru and asked him if I could photograph each worker separately. He was actually pleased that I asked and offered to assist me to mark down their names as well.

Here is a little Soundslides presentation of the workers and volunteers who made ROTH's Maternity Ward's project possible.

After taking pictures of the workers, I felt different, I felt like they were looking at me as a friend. Where I was once puzzled as to whether they liked having their picture taken or not, I was now convinced of the pride they were taking in being part of my images.

I told Waweru that I was going to send all the pictures of the workers for him to distribute to them. It's not often these people have a chance to hang their picture on the wall, something we do here without even thinking about it...



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