Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nakuru, Kenya

I was watching TV one night and this young girl came on the program to talk about the way she was devoting most of her time to humanitarian work. The most impressive thing was that at the young age of 21 she had already been to Africa to build a well to supply an orphanage. A well from which the Nakuru Baby Orphanage was able to gain profit in order to fund their activities and support the Orphanage.

Frederique along with a few more souls from around the world, created Reach Out To Humanity for health (ROTH) and also contributed to the donation of glasses to sight-impaired people thus giving them the "gift of vision". Other initiatives include children sponsorship and the most recent project of a maternity ward and counseling center to give a helping hand to the deficient Kenyan health system.

After the TV show, I visited the organism's web site and decided to e-mail them to offer my photographical services. The answer was quick and full of enthusiasm. Soon after I found myself donating my time taking pictures at one of their fund raiser in Montreal, Canada. I had always wanted to go to Africa so it was not hard for them to convince me to take the trip in order to help ROTH the best I could by taking images for their website.

So here I am, preparing to go to Nakuru, Kenya to hopefully take some images to help their proram. I will be covering their latest project; the Piave Maternity Ward. Through my blog I will keep you posted about what it takes to get ready for such a trip and I will also try to post from over there in order for you to see some of the images taken on the field.

I hope you follow me through this journey and feel free to comment on it as much as you want .

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