Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pictures from the drawer

In the making of my website, I had to edit out a lot of images even though I highly estimated them. I don't think the point of a site is to showcase as many pictures as you've taken but rather show your diversity or your strength hence the loss of images.

Now with the digital age, once the images are stored up in your external hard-drive, the one from two years ago that you rarely look at, you forget about them. I cherish the print days where my mother's drawer was filled with pictures and memories of our childhood for us to look at on rainy days. Not only have I lost pictures all over my hard drives, I have none on my walls. My friends would tell you I even have one of those craft-store-montage kind-of frame where you can put lots of pictures... well after two years I still have the protective plastic on it and no pictures in it. Pathetic really!

So let's dig in the drawers (not my mother's please!) and see what didn't make the cut from my web site for different reasons. I will try to post a couple every now and then when my mind goes: "Oh yeah, what did I do with that picture?!".

This image (click on image for larger size) if from a photo session for an annual report of a bank. Claudia, the consultant / graphic designer of the marketing agency, stood in for one of the president while I was setting-up the lights. When the president arrived the lighting was perfect but he had glasses so I had to readjust in order to avoid the reflection of the light in the eye wear.

What is funny about this image is that is what taken very non-nonchalantly just for a test and I ended up sending her the picture. Too bad SHE wasn't the president 'cause it would have made for a decent shot!

This picture is not on my site because I really don't why?!!! I had so many images of Ferrari Formula Ones that I had to pick and choose even though I really didn't want to.

This was taken during the 2006 Ferrari Challenge in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. It is pretty straight-froward sports photography but when the subject is as nice as this you take way more images than you really need. Maybe this could be a good picture to hang on my wall when I think of it! I remember shooting this with a big Canon 300mm f2.8 with a 1.4 converter on it. For those of you who have no clue what that means, it's those big lenses that make you go: " Woooo, look at this photographer, he must be good!". When you handle a lens like this for the first time it makes you smile a bit but seeing the result is even more rewarding.

Come back later for more photos from the drawer!

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