Sunday, July 1, 2007

Getting ready for Kenya Part Deux

A picture's worth a thousand words isn't it?! That's really where I spent most of the past two weeks, in front of the computer. Since there isn't much that has been said about the trip from the organization as far as past experiences and detailed gear we should bring, I spent all my time looking at what Nakuru looks like on the internet.

So surfing through YouTube, Google, Flickr and a bunch of other search engines didn't really answer any questions I had. I saw a lot of Pink Flamingo Birds and I know not to feed baboons if I go on a safari in Lake Nakuru but nobody seems to have posted relevant information about the people that live there and the way to travel. I have found some interesting testimonials from backpackers and safari seekers but they are really short and most of the times only found in traveling sites where you lose yourself rather than finding related information.

All of this to say I don't know much about where I am going or what to bring there and what to expect but I know one thing... a plane ticket to Africa will cost you big bucks. I've called upon other volunteers to help me out with my "cheap ticket" search and have yet to find a good deal. Oh yeah and I'm suppose to leave in two weeks!

This week-end is a long one because it's Canada Day on Monday but comes Tuesday I'll call the few connections I have and try to finalize this part of the trip(an important one I shall say!).

Other than that, I will need to send money to the Piave Baby Orphanage where I will be staying, order Kenyan Schillings and US money (cheap these days!) and make sure all my insurances are in order. A couple of new clothing items and we're off...!

Two weeks and counting...not nervous, just excited!

Cheers !


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sandra said...

I just came back from Nakuru it is a nice town with internet cafes and restaurants and banks... In piave where the site is, it is looking good when I left they were at the roof for the maternity ward and the sceptic tank is done (digging part) the ciment was to be poored in !
Bring a sleeping bag and warm clothes ! I left my mosquito net there so you are welcome to it ! bring kleenex because you will probably go to the slums and that is heartrenching! but you will have the most amazing experience the ROTH family is so wonderful and they will give you the best tour ! enjoy ! Sandra-lee as for your ticket goes was the cheapest for me my ticket was 1100$