Sunday, August 5, 2007

Piave, Africa Day 5: Natu Primary School

I was really excited for this day since Gibson told us he was going to take us to the school he taught at for 33 years. At this point you are probably wondering who is Gibson?!

Gibson is a retired teacher who is still very active in his community. He contributed to the realization of the Piave Dispensary which gives medical assistance and consultation to the ones in need. He was at the site every day and was making sure everything was going according to plan. Gibson is one of many unspoken local heroes who touches you by the generosity and respect he has towards others.

I figured I would let the images and Gibson himself do the talking this time, so I put together a Soundslides presentation.

After the visit to the school, Gibson really wanted us to see his house. These people have so few yet they are so proud to show us what they have. Gibson's yard is a very decent one according to the Piave standards. His son and daughter also live on his land which is comprised of three little huts.

He invited us into his living room where we sat and had a soda and some cookies. To see a man with such generosity makes you realize how we so often are egocentric and self-centered. This man was giving us food for which he had work so hard to get and yet was so happy to give it to us.

This visit to the Natu Primary School and the encounter with Gibson touched me and made me think twice about how to act with others. Before parting from Gibson's quarters, with tremendous effort to contain my tears, I said: "Gibson, a man like you is nothing but a true gentleman for whom we have no other choice but to have profound respect and gratitude. I'm privileged to have met you and will remember this day for the rest of my life..."

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